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Electronic Data Collection

The Site Manager electronic data collection “black boxes” are fully interchangeable and can be easily installed in Gaming/Casino machines with industry standard protocols (BACTA, SAS and others on request) OR in any machine with an electromechanical meter including Videos, Cranes, Pushers and Change machines. Wiring kits and application guides are available for most machine types.

EC3: Smart Card
EC4Z: Local “wireless” network
EC6: Local wireless with Ticket In/Out
Smart Pool: pool table controller with smart card

These reliable electronic counters deliver full electronic data collection ensuring that accounting mistakes are eliminated. The wireless units deliver the data in near real-time and support the PlayDesk card reader for player tracking, cashless and loyalty options.

The electronic counters add significant extra value by reporting:

machine events
power on/off times
payment alarms
door openings
faults & tampering
cash transactions
float levels

“operating” and “played” hours.

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