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maxysmartCustomer loyalty and customer retention is an important factor these days in maintaining profitability. Understanding player behaviour and preferences is the only way to truly know who are your most important customers. Only then can Loyalty schemes be targeted efficiently and fairly.

As an extension to the Site Manager management system the PLAYDESK software, MaxyPoints™ smart cards and customisable eye-catching PLAYDESK smart card readers can be fitted to any gaming/amusement machine to create a powerful Player Tracking and Loyalty capability.

The card reader connects through the EC4 wireless “black box” unit to provide a live link into the database. Players use their MaxyPoints™ card to accumulate loyalty points whilst using machines. Loyalty points can be “cashed in” for rewards and prizes at a PlayDesk Terminal or online.

loyalty Fully configurable reward schemes to recognise and reward your regular and high value players with “Points for Play" PLUS

Daily Attendance Points
Birthday & Anniversary bonus points
Mystery bonus points
“Happy Hour” promotions to encourage play during quiet periods in the arcade.

Identify who is playing which machine and for how long.
Track “Play sessions” – how long has the machine been played,
how much money has been put in and how much has been won.
Track play patterns and popular machines
Stage promotions
Central membership database
Rewards catalogue with stock control and reservations
Email and SMS options for marketing, promotions and rewards
Customisable wall-mounted and floor standing touch screen terminals for customers
to view and redeem rewards.
Smart Cards compatible with Cashless operation
Full reports

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