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Machine Management

The Site Manager™ Classic version is well proven having been in the field for more than 5 years. It has evolved over that time and is still a powerful solution for smaller and medium sized operations.

Site Manager Enterprise is a completely new machine management solution scalable from the smallest single arcade right up to large groups with multiple sites.internet

At the core of Site Manager Enterprise is the ultra fast Enterprise server which can be run locally or on a secure remote server via the Internet.

The server module collects LIVE information from wireless electronic counters into the database whilst manual meter entries and counted cash can be entered through any web browser.
The live data includes player tracking and loyalty information. Additionally the server authenticates Cashable Tickets (TITO) and MaxyPoints™ cashless operations. Any number of simultaneous Site Manager, Dashboard, CashDesk, DEM and PlayDesk client applications can access the database.

The Site Manager Enterprise client software allows access to the extensive management reports as well as simple configuration of the machines database, machine groups, float accounts, users and their password protected privileges / authorisation limits.

Multi-level reporting – Company, Region, Sites, Groups and Machines
“Group tags” allow freedom to group machines locally and across sites
Accounting Analysis and period reports
Machine performance and percentages
Reconciliation with counted cash
Trends, averages, operating hours and play hours
Service/Cashbox door events
Machine / Site detailed activity and alarms
Machine analysis by usage, turnover and profitability
Float Account shift and transaction reports
Export to other applications including Microsoft Excel ®


The Data Entry client module (DEM) is used alongside Enterprise to collect information electronically from Coin Sorters/Counters, read smart cards and to enter non-electronic meter readings.

dashboardThe Live Dashboard client provides a graphical mimic
of the selected site showing:

Live action display of machine activity
Visual indication of machine status
Hopper levels and warnings
Alarm alerts including Handpays
Active Players
One touch “drill-down” to greater detail

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