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The Site ManagerTM range from JCA Systems Ltd is a fully integrated suite of hardware and software solutions to help every gaming and amusement operator maximise the profitability and efficiency of their business. Systems are suitable for Machines Anywhere!

• Arcades, Casinos, “Single Sites”, “Managed Sites”, FEC’s, AGC’s, betting shops, bingo clubs etc.

Machine Management : Site Manager & Dashboard

Site Manager software is available in two versions Classic and Enterprise. Both versions include a complete database of machines and provide full reporting of performance and activity. Data can be collected in a variety of ways – manually, by smart card or through wireless & data networks.

The new ENTERPRISE version is a streamlined and fully integrated Site Manager solution suitable for ALL machine operators, handling multiple sites as easily as single locations. Internet connectivity and optional hosted services give the lowest ever entry cost for fully electronic machine management.
Live data can be securely presented to the site owner/manager via the Live Dashboard on their PC, showing all machine activity, hopper levels and issuing warnings when necessary.

“Whether you are a small single site, or a large chain of gaming venues, the Dashboard will put you in the driving seat towards greater profits”.

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Membership/Loyalty System and Player Tracking

In the current economic climate customer retention is even more important in the fight to maintain and grow profitability. Promotions, loyalty rewards and mystery bonuses can help significantly however they are only beneficial if they are targeted efficiently and fairly based on facts and not assumptions. Understanding player behaviour and preferences is the only way to truly know who genuinely are your most important customers so that promotional activity is optimised.


The PlayDesk application provides the “facts” and all the features needed for Marketing , Player Tracking and rewarding Loyalty.

PlayDesk utilizes card modules attached to machines to send play information to the central server, allocating MaxyPoints™ on a fully programmable basis. It allows Happy Hour promotions and “points for play” to encourage machine use whilst the marketing tools make it easy to message customers on and off site. Comprehensive play reports provide “the facts”.

The attractive PlayDesk terminal welcomes players, allows them to select their rewards whilst also running advertising and promotional messages as a “screen saver”.

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Electronic Data Capture

Electronic Data Capture offers significant benefits not only in terms of accuracy but also security. The Site Manager range of “black boxes” offer a low cost entry route using smart cards through to sophisticated “live” wireless network options fully compatible with the PlayDesk loyalty and player tracking option.

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Cash Management

CASHDESK software replaces paper-based systems integrating the control of Cashier/Cage/ Counting  Room float accounts for additional security.

Secure authorisation levels for individual members of staff
Cross-check Handpay amounts with reported and metered amounts
Full validation & tracking of Handpays, Refunds, Transfers, Machine Refills and Adjustments.
Shift based transaction summary and reconciliation
Save counter space with full touch screen operation
Issue & track Loyalty and Redemption rewards/prizes.

Cashless & Redemption


PlayDesk and the MaxyPoints™ card support Redemption and Cashless operation in a variety of ways with or without the use of tickets.

Prize Stock control with low level warnings, usage reports and valuations.
Prize issuing through CashDesk or PlayDesk
Ticketless Redemption with MaxyPointsTM card
Direct Cashless operation from MaxyPoints™ card credits
NEW EC6 meter unit supports TITO cashable voucher operation with Epic printer and UBA note acceptor

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